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Choosing a Service

Gel Polish or Hard Gel, what’s the Difference?

Choosing the right service can be difficult, especially on your first visit. The below should help with understanding the differences.

Gel Polish

Gel Polish is a thin coating of gel giving the same look as lacquer. Gel Polish is applied to the natural nail creating a long lasting, glossy manicure.

  • Gel Polish requires LED light to cure or harden the product, so the polish is completely dry at the end of service
  • There are many different colours and glitters.
  • Added length cannot be done with Gel Polish, although Gel Polish can be added to an extension service.
  • Gel polish wears for 2-3 weeks without chipping when the correct home care is taken.
  • Gel Polish needs to be gently soaked off either in the salon or with take home remover kit.

Caught Red Handed Gelish Polish

Hard Gel

With similar a look to Acrylic nails, Hard Gel is used to extend the natural nail and add strength..

  • Backfills are required every two-three weeks to fill in the regrowth at the cuticle area of the nail and to keep the extension in balance.
  • Hard Gel has no colour so Gel Polish is applied on top to create the desired finished look.
  • To remove Hard Gel you must go to a professional where it will be gently filed off, without damaging the natural nail.

NB: Improper removal of any nail product will cause damage to the natural nail. NEVER pick or pull any products off your nail. Ensure proper home care by always wearing gloves when doing chores or gardening, never use your nails as tools to pick or pull at things. Regular use of cuticle oil is a must to keep the products on your nails moisturised and flexible. Refer to my page on nail care.

Caught Red Handed Hard Gel Extensions