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Nail Care

Whether you regularly wear nail polish, gel polish or nail extensions, the bottom line is the stronger your natural nails are the better these products will wear.

So, taking care of your natural nails is a must.

There are two ways to give your nails the care they need; at home or for more advanced therapies, from salon treatments.

It all began when I became a certified nail technician in 2002. A certified nail technician educator in 2004 and internationally qualified educator in 2013. Education is very important to me and I continually refine my skills with regular training.

I will love sharing my passion with you. Justine Johnson

Caught Red Handed IBX Nail Treatment

Peeling and Weak Nails

If the layers of your nails are prone to peeling or you have weak nails that just won’t grow, I strongly suggest coming into the salon for IBX Natural Nail Treatments. The results my clients are experiencing really are fantastic.

Unlike store bought nail hardeners, IBX works inside the nail, not on top!

IBX penetrates the upper layers of the nail by using gentle warmth and then cured by LED light. It is a natural nail strengthening system made to Toughen, Repair and Protect the natural nail.

You can come in for IBX Nail Rehab – weekly appointments of IBX Natural Nail Treatment for a month, to really kick start your nails back to health.

If you like to wear Gel Polish, IBX can be worn underneath to protect and harden your nails. With constant treatments your gel polish will wear longer and your nails with grow to the length you’ve only dreamed about.

I’ve found most of my clients see an improvement after 3-4 treatments with most seeing huge improvements after 6-8 treatments. Those prone to weak nails continue have the treatment every 2-3 weeks on their returning Gel Polish appointments. If you like to be natural or simply wear nail polish, 2-3 weekly treatments are advised to maintain nail strength and integrity.

Check out my pricing page for nail care, manicure and pedicure options.

At Home Nail Care

Whether you visit the salon regularly or not at all, your nails will still benefit from some attention.

Whether you visit the salon regularly or not at all, your nails will still benefit from some attention.

The nail grows at the base of the nail, under the cuticle. All the new cells are produced here. By nourishing this area with cuticle oil you’re encouraging better growth and keeping the nail flexible, so it can resist cracking when put under stress. Rubbing the oil all around and under the tip of your nail keeps the skin soft and supple.

All professional branded cuticle oils absorb completely into the nail’s surrounding skin within 6-9 seconds meaning oily fingers will not get in the way of what you’re doing. I like to apply mine just before I apply my face cream, it’s become part of my everyday beauty regime which means I don’t forget.

At Caught Red Handed I retail several different cuticle oils and am happy to help you make the right choice for your needs.

Wear Gloves to Protect Nails

Oh yes, for nail care, it can’t get any simpler than that! Gloves not only protect your nails but your hands too. Hands show the signs of aging so always wear gloves when cleaning, in water, or in the garden. Don’t forget a deep nourishing hand cream to use often throughout the day.

Jewels not Tools

Never use your nails to pick at things, to open things, to scratch at things, for anything! Layers of your nails can peel way when you use them as tools and putting stress on your nails will cause them to snap and break.

Grab a tool of some kind, scissors or a knife. Use the pad of your fingers to press things and the side of your hand to tuck in the sheets. Be careful opening car doors.

Store Bought Nail Hardeners

Be wary when buying nail hardeners as a lot of them contain formaldehyde. Also, as they will only sit on the top surface of the nail little actual strengthening is happening to the nail plate.

Health from the Inside Out

A balanced diet, lots of water and vitamin supplements all help with the health of your nails. Also, stress will cause nails to weaken and peel so try to keep your stress levels low.